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The Half-Gray Open Licenses are a set of licenses that allow everyone to use creative work, under certain conditions. I believe that combining and remixing existing work is an important part of creativity, and granting permission using licenses like these reduces friction and uncertainty in this process. When the conditions are made clear, both the provider and the user benefit.

These licenses are based on the Creative Commons (“CC”) licenses. Creative Commons has spent years developing licenses that are easy to use and legally robust around the world. What the Half-Gray Open Licenses do is add some additional terms that make complying with the CC licenses easier. These additional terms are never meant to contradict the terms of the CC licenses: If you are familiar with Creative Commons licenses, you can follow their terms as if the Half-Gray Open Licenses didn’t exist.

List of Licenses

Different licenses have different terms and conditions for using the creative work. A list of the licenses is available.

Changes to the legal texts are managed on GitHub. Suggestions are welcome.


There are some disclaimers regarding these licenses that are worth noting.