#7E7E7E Info

The main use of #7E7E7E (say “hash seven ee seven ee seven ee”) was to acknowledge connections that “cross” my different music identities.

For example, when I remixed a song by Silva Hound that represents a type of music I particularly hate, I acknowledged the fact that Silva Hound was (at the time) mostly known for his My Little Pony fan music (and indeed the first song I heard from him was “Hooves Up High”).

This acknowledgement takes the form of a mark that I included in the corner of the cover art (example below):

The #7E7E7E mark in the bottom-right corner of the cover art for a song

On YouTube, the mark previously had an annotation with information about the connection and a link to the relevant video.

Online Accounts

In addition to the marking, I also used “7e7e7e” as my username on Dubtrack.fm and Plug.dj, two music-sharing sites that have both shut down.

List of Marks

If you’re curious, here are all the times I used the mark on the cover art: