Who is #7E7E7E?

The short answer is, "The same person."

Wait, That's It?

No, of course not. #7E7E7E is a sort of "combination" identity between my two main music identities. Normally I try to keep them as separate as possible. Most of the time this works, but sometimes it doesn't.

For example, suppose I want to remix a song by Silva Hound that represents a type of music I particularly hate. Silva Hound has made quite a bit of My Little Pony-related music, and the first song I heard from him was "Hooves Up High".

The #7E7E7E mark, a small gray square with black text that reads "#7E", located in the bottom-right corner of the cover art for a song

To acknowledge this, I include a mark on the cover. On YouTube this mark has an annotation, with information about the connection and a link to a relevant video. This serves as the record of the connection. In the case of the remix mentioned earlier, the YouTube video has the note "Another reason why I hate Silva Hound's music" and a link to "Hooves Up High." See if you get my other "records."

Another Way

#7E7E7E also sometimes works as a more general "collective" identity between Cyanomixer and Jack "Fox" Grayson. For example, you'll find me on Dubtrack as #7E7E7E.